The Pomykala Group, LLC

Hinsdale, Illinois


The Pomykala Group offers a niche solution to a pressing need for their clients -- accounting services to automotive dealers. Because of their extensive expertise in working with the accounting systems used in dealerships, their offer is completely unique and a natural fit for their clients. One problem -- no one could find them. Without a web site, their perfect clients didn't know how they could help. They asked for an accounting web design that would help them get visible and connect with new clients.


Their new accounting web design includes:

After meeting with TPG to learn more about their business and their target market, BolderImage started with the logo creation process. TPG had several options to choose from, and selected a logo that used the initials of their name with a modern blue-based color palette. From there, BolderImage used the color scheme and feel established in the logo to develop three options for their accounting web design. TPG's accounting web design choice--a modern, high-impact look including an animated flash-based homepage--entered the development phase.


The finished site catches the visitor's attention and presents them with TPG's biggest selling point through the "We understand your business" tagline that is superimposed on the selected images. The layout makes it easy for a potential client to learn more about TPG's background, expertise, team and more.


One great feature of the site is the use of testimonials. Not only does the new accounting web design feature a page dedicated to testimonials, it also generates random testimonials on the home page so that visitors see the value that TPG provides its clients.



Visitors can also see TPG's national client base through an interactive map showing pin locations for clients nationwide. Hovering over the pins allows the user to see location and business name.


On the back end, the new accounting web design includes a content management system, which allows TPG to manage and update their own content, ensuring that the information is always correct and relevant and avoiding costly fees for text changes that they can handle on their own.


Lastly, the new site includes a contact form to allow people to send direct emails to TPG to learn more about their services, and become clients. The Pomykala Group now has a professional accounting web design that can connect with and attract new clientele. Is it time to get your business better visibility online? Contact BolderImage today to learn how your new web site can help you connect with new customers.

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