Butterfield Properties

Lombard, IL


Businesses on the rise have to worry about perception.  A pristine office space at a premier location is a must for companies that seek to make a favorable first impression.  Butterfield Properties, a leading commercial real estate firm, offers this solution to organizations with buildings along the fabled I-88 “Corporate Corridor”, nestled in the western suburbs of Chicago.  With Fortune 500 neighbors, it’s easy to see why aspiring companies wanting to stand out choose Butterfield Properties as their headquarters.  Expertly tended landscaping, professional property management staff, serene atriums, and five-star interiors at conveniently-located sites will assure any visitor, investor, partner, or employee that they’ve entered the big leagues of corporate locales. With their enviable business addresses, Butterfield Properties had to have a website that was in sync with their brand of luxury and attention to detail.  BolderImage, as Chicago’s top web design firm, was the only clear choice to fit the bill.



When you walk into a Butterfield Properties office building, you know this isn’t just another corporate shell with beige lobbies and a non-descript environment.  BolderImage collaborated with the Butterfield Properties team to create the perfect website design from several possible contenders.  Ultimately, the stand-out option was an assertive, glossy and slick presentation with a deep blue canvas and contrasting vermillion-gold logo.  Rotating pictures of the different properties added a practical presentation tool without relying on visitor navigation.  BolderImage’s hallmarks of superlative design are also constant:  rich colors, elegant simplicity, and user-friendly search functionality.


No day is exactly the same in property management, as any seasoned Butterfield Properties staff member will attest.  With their business constantly changing, they required the ability to update text on their new website with their own content management system.  Because of the BolderImage team’s technical expertise in this area, BP didn’t have to look elsewhere to build the functional user interface to accomplish this task.  The outward framework of their website remains intact, but the information can be changed at any time.


A gorgeous website will do little for any company without the addition of professionally administered SEO.  Call it “the magician behind the curtain”.  BolderImage has not only produced some of the web’s most beautiful site designs, they also have a team of SEO experts that researched, strategized, and executed Butterfield Properties optimization plan with complete confidence.  The result?  Increased web traffic, greater brand awareness, and the knowledge that the line between BP and their ideal client was a short, straight line.


Does your website have the elements of success?  Are you getting the web traffic, conversions, and the results you need from your digital marketing?  Don’t trust your livelihood to amateurs.  There is a reason we are the web design and Internet marketing firm of choice for fast-forward businesses like yours.  Call us at 630.279.4000

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