Carma Construction

St. Charles, IL


Carma Construction installs beautiful, long-lasting retaining walls for residential and commercial projects nationwide. It was critical that a new website design show off their portfolio of work and help potential customers learn about their retaining wall solutions. BolderImage delivered an eye-catching, dynamic design that is sure to impress.

The new construction website design solution includes:

After learning about the company's goals and history, BolderImage set forth first to create a website design that would highlight their expertise in Green Wall installation. The design also had to show off their portfolio of work and welcome users that are learning about the benefits of Green Walls. The finished design is clean and engaging, and highlights two critical benefits of their finished retaining walls -- strength and beauty -- in the center of the home page. 

From there, BolderImage developed additional pages within a Content Management System (CMS.) This allows Carma to have the benefits of a professional construction website design while maintaining control over the content on each page of the site. With easy web-based updates, Carma can add or change pages on their website as their business requires.

Carma also recognized that it's not enough to simply have a beautiful website, and so they enhanced their website with professional copywriting and search engine optimization (SEO) services. The combination of these approaches will support a steady stream of targeted leads for months and years to come.

A web site is a critical piece of any business marketing plan. To learn more about how your company can support your sales goals with an effective web site, contact BolderImage today.

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