The CashLINQ Group

Spokane, WA


The CashLINQ Group, a respected merchant services provider, wanted an update to their corporate web design to better engage site visitors as well as provide easy access to updating their web content through a convenient interface. BolderImage provided a dynamic solution for their needs.


The new corporate web design includes:    

CashLINQ's existing website gave the BolderImage team a lot to draw on with established logo and corporate colors. The design staff leveraged the existing brand when recommending enhancements and updates to the interface that would catch the visitor's eye and make it easier to find critical information.


BolderImage wrapped these recommended enhancements into three potential site designs for CashLINQ's review, offering choices of high-impact layouts with some premium features to increase the time that visitors spend on the page and the likelihood that they will become CashLINQ customers. After CashLINQ made a selection, the BolderImage development team got to work incorporating the selected layout into a complete corporate web design that would marry a strong corporate brand with a simple, flexible content management system.


The new content management system organizes all of CashLINQ's content into simple categories and automatically includes critical pages in the site's navigation. It's also search-engine friendly, allowing for CashLINQ to position their company to be easily found in Google or Bing by its ideal potential clients. 


Of course, the overall corporate web design sends a strong message that not only is The CashLINQ Group a leader in its market, but that it is focused on connecting with its customers, making their experience easier and more enjoyable, and remaining on the forefront of technology -- a must for a player in their industry.


To learn more about how a new corporate web design can make your company a stronger player in its field, contact BolderImage today.

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