HSA Home Warranty

Madison, WI


Home warranty provider HSA needed a website that would make it easy for homeowners and real estate agents to find critical information about their products, and to integrate with their existing customer relationship management (CRM) system. BolderImage provided a comprehensive solution for their needs.


The new website design includes:    


HSA needed a website that would attract both homeowners interested in home warranty options and real estate professionals who promote home warranties through their business. It was also important to create a flexible platform that would allow for simple updates to content. 


Through our design process, HSA was presented with a choice of designs to positively reflect their brand. After selecting the design, the process of refining and developing the site began.


A custom Flash-based graphic on the home page provides immediate impact to new visitors. The use of warm, friendly images invites visitors to explore and learn more about the company. Testimonials were integrated into the home page sidebar, and a call-to-action button encourages the user to take the next step by getting a quote.


Under each navigation at the top of the screen, custom content pages were developed and formatted to make it easy for users to find and read critical information. Within these content pages, customers find easy access to HSA's online customer system, which was integrated throughout the site.


The new website provides an enhanced online brand as well as greater flexibility. Is it time for your website to move as quickly as your business? To learn how a website can support your business' changing needs, contact BolderImage today.

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