Engineered Glass Products (EGP)

Chicago, IL

Engineered Glass Products (EGP) is a local Chicago company that is also a global leader in specialty glass manufacturing, and is the inventor of Thermique Heated Glass.  With over 60 years of successful product innovation, EGP has emerged as the premier provider of thermal glass products for appliances, building materials, and home goods.  EGP’s unique mix of advanced engineering and artful presentation is exactly what they were looking for in their new website, designed and developed by BolderImage.  Add expertly implemented SEO and a simple to use content management system, and EGP’s new website reflected a brand built on uncompromising quality and an honest, beautiful design.


At the heart of EGP’s need was the ability to showcase their products in an uncomplicated fashion, within an easily navigated framework. Many of EGP’s products are custom made, and they required the same for their website.   The light, bright background of their website in gradient shades imparts design sophistication with a Zen-like feel.   Eye-catching photographs of EGP’s past work impress web visitors with a sliding presentation, illustrating the impressive range of their product offerings.  Pops of bold color interspersed on the neutral canvas draws attention to where the reader wishes to go next, without distraction or visual interruption.


BolderImage provided EGP a few different designs after extensive research understanding their brand, target market, and aesthetic sensibility.  Upon choosing their current custom design, work was already underway designing a technically robust yet user friendly content management system and interface.  This CMS allows EGP to orchestrate their own content changes at will, whether uploading the most recent testimonial, company news, or product rollouts.


While BolderImage developers and designers were busy at work, their SEO experts were mapping out a plan to land EGP very high in organic search for their chosen keywords.  In the ever changing and dynamic world of SEO, providing results for specialized companies like EGP is no easy feat.  The variables of SEO seem to change as often as Google’s proprietary algorithms.  Having the BolderImage SEO team at the helm of their SEO strategy has helped EGP reach the proverbial top of the Internet ladder.


It’s no doubt that EGP Glass will continue its long tradition of being the forefront leader in heated and decorative glass innovation and production.  As EGP reaches new heights of success, BolderImage will help ensure that their digital face is as visionary and functional as their latest innovation.


Is your website reflecting your brand in a favorable light?  If not, BolderImage can bring the best elements of design, development, and SEO solutions to your rescue.  Call us at 630.279.4000 to begin the conversation.

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