Oak Brook, IL

Simplicity of design effectively manages complex information

Smart navigation keeps content accessible, easy to find


Services Include:

Web Development, Content Management System, Flash Design, Secure Login, Content Input



EPI-Q specializes in collecting and communicating information on the value of products and services for the healthcare industry. To showcase their own value, EPI-Q wanted a new website that would demonstrate their unique approach, highlight their experience and success stories, and invite web visitors to learn more.



EPI-Q had several pieces of the final website design already completed when they approached BolderImage, and needed a strong visual element for the home page and solid development execution to bring the project to fruition. Our team focused on creating a Flash interface that would summarize the company’s brand and services, and quickly move this site from development to launch.


Technology & Tactics:

  • Content Management System – Wordpress
  • Interactive Introductory Image – Flash
  • Secure Login and Protected Content
  • Document Storage Interface
  • Contact Form


The navigation is simple and intuitive, and multiple paths to find content make it easy for users to move among related pages. The Flash piece on the home page highlights the two key components of EPI-Q’s services and allows users to click to access in-depth information about each step in the process. Most importantly, we were able to bring the new site live quickly and efficiently, so that potential clients can enjoy EPI-Q’s functional, integrated and dynamic web presence.

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