Hoy Landscaping

Melrose Park, IL

New site provides brand a new platform to reach target audience
Consumers and businesses seeking lush, beautiful landscaping can now connect online with one of Chicago’s best team of landscapers.

Hoy Landscaping is known throughout Chicago as a premier landscaper. At Hoy, the landscapers don’t settle for anything less than breathtaking in their design, and their website follows the same fashion; their stunning landscaping is portrayed vividly.

At BolderImage we knew that the website needed to fully emulate the quality Hoy exhibits in their landscaping work, and that meant to captivate visitors at first glance. From the earth tone color palette to the jQuery image gallery on the homepage, the design immediately commands attention from visitors. The dynamic navigation, photo gallery portfolios, and custom contact form, the website allows visitors to navigate through the site, explore the quality of the business’ landscaping design, and easily connect with Hoy.

Technology & Tactics

  • Website Design
  • Dynamic Home Page - jQuery
  • Dynamic Navigation
  • Content Management System
  • Custom Contact Form

With a focus on design and functionality, Hoy Landscaping’s website effectively showcases the quality of their work in a stunning display. Visitors are instantly aware of the incomparable talent of the landscaping architects and the superiority of their design.

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