Mentoring Ministries

Sanibel, Florida


Mentoring Ministries was founded by Pastor Daryl Donovan to promote discipling and mentoring in the Christian faith. They had a website that was hard to maintain. Whenever they wanted to make a change or update their site, they had to have a web person make changes to the page and upload new files. Since this was a difficult process, it could lead to content on the website being old and/or never updated.



BolderImage developed a new website for Mentoring Ministries that had an easy-to-use content management system and an eCommerce engine. Mentoring Ministries staff can now easily update and manage their content. The content management system allows them to easily update pictures and information about their various mission trips along with a blog that lets them keep in touch with their followers.


Is your website easy to maintain? Does it allow you to focus on your ministry rather than having to deal with a clumsy website? Contact BolderImage today to see how we can get you set up with a great website that lets your ministry come first.

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