Munster Same Day Surgery

Munster, IN


Munster Same Day Surgery is the second website that BolderImage has developed for a group of Indiana-based physicians and surgeons. Dedicated solely to supporting patients and surgical staff in advance of a procedure, the new site was to host driving directions, pre-surgical instructions, medical forms and insurance information as well as a variety of ways to contact the office.



The primary goal of the new site was usability. Recognizing that the patient population would have a variety of levels of comfort with technology, the emphasis was on creating something attractive, simple and highly intuitive. The navigation is simple, the type is highly readable, and the tone is friendly to make patients comfortable.

Technology & Tactics:


The new site helps staff get patients critical information and reduces time spent faxing, emailing and providing guidance available online. Patients like the easy reference as well. The new site also reflects the branding established through the previous website (, a site promoting an innovative diabetes education and management program) so that patients can see that the various sites are related. The completion of this project reinforces a great partnership in promoting a variety of medical services around Indiana.

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