Christian Camp & Conference Association

Colorado Springs, CO

Several regional groups of Christian camps and Bible conferences in the US and Canada began to meet informally in the late 1940s and early 1950s. These independent coalitions later combined their efforts under the name Christian Camp and Conference Association International, and eventually incorporated in 1963.

Most major denominations and church associations, as well as many nationally recognized youth and adult ministries, are represented in CCCA. About half of the some 1,000 member camps and centers are independent organizations.

Every year, nearly eight million people are involved in the programs of CCCA member camps and conferences. 120,000-plus churches in America are served by CCCA member organizations, and more than 420,000 adults are now involved in full-time Christian work as the result of decisions made at CCCA member camps and centers.

Given this reach and impact, the CCCA required a new website design and new web features to meet the growing needs and demands of its members, as well as the growing need to be found by people searching the web for Christian camps and conference facilities and programs.

At CCCA's invitation, BolderImage engaged in an initial extensive on-site discovery process to evaluate the existing CCCA websites, their history, and their hosting and database environment. Based upon this research, BolderImage was able to deliver a detailed proposal and estimate to upgrade the site based upon real-world conditions.

The preliminary and final design process was completed in August 2006, and the production and programming was ongoing in September and October. The site launched in November 2006 complete with a dynamic new interface, a simplified and intuitive navigation system, and a revised an upgraded internal site and membership venue search engine.

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