Heavyweight Air Cargo Exchange

Wood Dale, IL


Heavyweight Air, an international shipping charter/broker service, recognized that their potential customers are busy people, and wanted a website design that would give customers multiple easy ways to reach their brokers and staff. BolderImage proposed a solution that uses custom walk-out video to point site visitors to exactly what they're looking for. 



The new shipping website design includes:
  • Web design
  • Video production
  • Walk-out video integration
  • Live chat implementation
  • Content management system

BolderImage started with the overall website design, designing two different looks appropriate to the shipping industry for Heavyweight to review. After Heavyweight selected their favorite, the development team got to work putting in place all of the site functionality. 


In the meantime, BolderImage took charge of filming the custom video tips that appear throughout the site in their on-site green-screen studio. After the videos were edited, the design team integrated them into the respective pages. Now, Heather, the friendly video guide, walks onto site visitors' screens with quick tips on where to find critical information. Heather's presence makes the site a friendly, engaging experience.


The website also includes a traditional content management system (CMS) so Heavyweight can add pages, remove pages and change text on their site whenever they need to with a simple web-based interface.


BolderImage delivers custom websites using top technology to support your business goals. To learn more, contact BolderImage today.

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