RCE International

Wheaton, Illinois


RCE International serves as a resource for Christian education around the world. As their organization grew and their partnerships with schools increased in number, RCE wanted to make sure they were able to provide an abundance of information and resources to assist these educational institutions reach their goals.



A custom built, CMS powered website provides RCE the ability to increase the resources they can offer as needs evolve. Through the creation of a password protected area for partner schools and social syndication, RCE has the capacity to become a go-to, community based resource for educational institutions around the world. This ability to grow digitally encourages the growth of the organization as a whole.


Technology & Tactics:



The new RCE International site is now capable to expand as their organization grows. Additional information, multimedia, and resources can quickly be added to accommodate the needs of their partner schools. With the updated design, RCE International is effectively portrayed as a global organization.

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