Chicago Coding Systems

Chicago, IL


Chicago Coding Systems' online storefront needed an update, providing an easier way to manage and update their extensive inventory and easier integration with their existing business systems. BolderImage provided the web development for their new eCommerce web site design.

BolderImage provided the following for the new eCommerce web site:


The foundation of the functionality for Chicago Coding's new online storefront is BolderImage's proprietary eCommerce solution. Integrated into their new web site design, the BolderImage eCommerce platform provides a simple yet powerful interface for managing all of Chicago Coding's online sales activities.


Chicago Coding can regularly update their storefront with new products, updated descriptions, sales, promotional coupons and more, all of which are instantly available online. The product catalog is easily browsed through an attractive, simple navigation box central to the page or by accessing a product overview page where the user can see the full selection of product categories. 


Plus, BolderImage's proprietary eCommerce content management system, selected for this project for its ease of customization, manages the entire purchase process end-to-end. The eCommerce engine allows the user to add items to a shopping cart, enter payment information, and receive an automated receipt for their purchase. On the backend, the system allows for tracking of orders, sending simple shipping confirmations and more.  


This custom eCommerce solution makes their new web site design a sales engine that saves time on fulfillment and reduces order errors. Chicago Coding can also continue to utilize their current payment and fulfillment processes, saving them costs for additional services to integrate with the new eCommerce solution. 


BolderImage has developed numerous eCommerce web sites using a variety of proprietary and open source platforms. Our capabilities span the design, development and maintenance phases. To learn more about how BolderImage can create an online storefront that works for your business, contact us today.

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