Midwest Information Systems

Villa Park, IL

PAXcam™ is a line of high-end, feature rich, digital microscope cameras. As an important part of their business, MIS, Inc. needed a website that not only conveyed the right information about their highly technical and specialized product, but also did very well in the search engine results for industrial and medical clients searching for microscopic imaging products.


BolderImage worked with MIS to create a powerful website that maintained the brand look and feel of the sister product, the PAX-it image analysis software. First, BolderImage created a distinctive flash interface to promote the camera. This interface grabbed the attention of visitors and conveyed the right message to potential buyers.

Since high rankings in the search engine results page is key to the success of the product line, BolderImage worked diligently to increase the rankings. Currently, is ranked #1 for the following search phrases:
• Microscope camera
• Digital microscope camera
• USB Microscopy camera
• Microscope camera software

These high rankings result in organic sales leads from around the world without the high cost of paid search advertising. Since PAX-it and PAXcam are sold worldwide, the goal was not simply to be ranked highly under English phrases. The website also needed to rank well under specific non-English phrases as well to draw in a larger international audience. BolderImage developed several non-English pages and optimized the site to perform well with those phrases.

BolderImage also created an image library to show-off the great images taken by the PAXcam family of cameras. This allows potential PAXcam customers to view a wide assortment of images that match their unique marketplace requirements. This demonstrates the great image quality the user will receive if they purchase one of the seven PAXcam models available.

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