Strategic Thinking Institute

Barrington Hills, IL

Any great leader will tell you “Success is in the strategy.”  Rich Horwath, Founder and CEO of the Strategic Thinking Institute, is the premier authority on strategic thinking for high-powered executives as well as individuals seeking to improve their lives.  As a best-selling author and international speaker to Fortune 50 companies, Rich has to appear sharp, focused, and at the top of his game.  A short time ago, his website did not impart absolute confidence to its audience due to its outdated, cluttered appearance and difficulty in user navigation.

Rich came to BolderImage seeking a website that accurately reflected his professionalism, laser business acumen, and modern thinking.  The approach to his web design needed to showcase his business mantra:  clear, brilliantly presented, and very cutting edge.  Paired with this design sensibility was the need for a site that was media rich and capable of hosting a library of videos, resource materials, and other promotional literature.  The site had to be compelling, navigate better than the North Star on a cloudless night, and leave no question in anyone’s mind of Rich Horwath as a thought leader at the forefront of strategic thinking application and instruction.

One of the best design elements of the new website is its use of color.  A smart gray canvas woven with folds of light created an uncomplicated backdrop for the central features and other colors to really shine.  The three-dimensional experience of Rich’s new site brings the man and his message “up close and personal”.  Through artistic use of shade and illumination, the site remains clean, accessible, and as crisp as a new best-seller hot off the presses.
In addition to a winning layout, Rich’s new site had to effectively organize a plethora of content.  Subpages including a blog, videos, testimonials, details about Rich’s books, training and speaking required a custom content management system that was so easy to use it almost updates itself.  As a pioneer in a field he helped develop, Rich is constantly on the go, and requires tools that can keep up with him.

Rich knows that to be at your best, you have to pick the best partners in their respective fields to get the job done, and done right.  With his sophisticated new website, his online persona matches the real deal.

Do you have a website strategy?  Can you measure your online marketing results, or are you just hoping your efforts will pay off?  Without a plan, your true business potential will never be realized.  At BolderImage, we offer comprehensive online marketing, from web design, SEO, mobile websites, social media, and more.  Call us to take your business to the next level at 630.279.4000

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