Tennessee Lifepath

Johnson City, TN

Tennessee LIFEPATH is a new program for academic and non-academic training for public health employees in Tennessee. With partnerships with educational institutions around the state, LIFEPATH needed a professional site that would highlight its many programs, upcoming events, and help potential students apply.

Building LIFEPATH’s site was a truly ground-up project, from developing an overall look and feel to identifying ways to incorporate interactivity and keep the site fresh for repeat visitors. Emphasizing LIFEPATH’s partnerships was also important. Our team developed a home page that provides geographic pins for facilities and resources that support LIFEPATH’s mission, as well as a dynamic banner to announce new developments.

Content Management System – Wordpress
• Interactive Introductory Image – Flash
• Dynamic Design Elements
• Document Storage
• Social Media Integration
Contact Form

LIFEPATH’s website makes it easy for users to find application materials, local events and meetings and educational partnerships. The simple navigation keeps all of the information easily accessible for users. LIFEPATH will also be integrating an online Learning Management System, which will bring many new visitors to the site and markedly expand their ability to serve students across Tennessee. The new site will be able to grow along with the program, and serve thousands of students for years to come.

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