Unlocking the Bible

Arlington Heights, Illinois


Unlocking the Bible is the ministry website of Pastor Colin Smith. The website contains a wealth of information ranging from sermon archives to books to blogs. Bible study materials such as books and sermons on CD are available online through the eStore.

Unlocking the Bible came to BolderImage to design and develop a modern web 2.0 site. Initially, BolderImage developed a unique and professional web design. As part of the overall web strategy planning, BolderImage then developed a search engine optimization approach that will allow UTB staff to enter their content in a very search-engine friendly fashion and also constructed the site to be easily search engine indexed.

The heart of the website revolves around the content management system and new eStore. Unlocking the Bible staff can very easily add to the website. This includes:

  • Daily Broadcast Information
  • Sunday Message Information
  • Blogs
  • Sermon Archives (text, audio & video)
  • Store Products,/
  • Online Donations
  • Content Pages

The very versatile sermon archive allows the Unlocking the Bible team to organize and categorize sermons by date, series, books of the Bible, relevant question, doctrine and topics. This allows visitors to the site to easily browse the sermon archive to quickly find a specific sermon.

The result of this effort was a very effective and user friendly website that will promote the ministry of Unlocking the Bible.

Is your website effortless to maintain and easily found by search engines? Contact BolderImage today to see how we can build a website to promote your organization.

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