Virtual Sleep Diagnostics

Roselle, IL

Clean, professional web design helps new patients rest easy

Attractive imagery and simple layout make it easy to understand Virtual Sleep’s process and the at-home sleep testing experience.


Services Include:

Web Design, Web Development, Content Management System, Site Architecture, Membership Login Area, Web Hosting



Virtual Sleep Diagnostics is a new company offering a unique and valuable service – in-home sleep testing. Doctors can now get better data and patients can have a more natural night’s sleep by conducting testing in the patient’s home. Virtual Sleep was looking for a website that can explain the benefits of in-home sleep testing, connect with doctors, and share great patient experiences to help all involved understand their services.



Virtual Sleep’s primary goals were to share information, create a professional image, and facilitate relationships with physicians. The balance between clean design and ease of use was important to ensure that web users find what they need, and like what they find.


Technology & Tactics:

  • Web Design
  • Content Management System – Wordpress
  • Dynamic Home Page Images & Interaction – jQuery
  • Password-protected Member Login Area
  • Web Hosting


The new site’s clean look welcomes patients and doctors, and the simple navigation makes it easy to organize research, case studies and other information to help doctors and patients understand the benefits of in-home testing. Virtual Sleep can also move a catalog of documents including brochures and forms online, reducing print and mailing costs and allowing users to get instant access to the information they’re seeking.

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