American Medical Technologists

Rosemont, Illinois

Founded in 1939, American Medical Technologists is an internationally recognized membership society and certification agency. When AMT came to BolderImage, they had a website that was out-of-date, hard to maintain and didn’t properly reflect the quality of the AMT brand. The staff at BolderImage was ready for the challenge.

BolderImage worked with AMT to create the necessary content management system and eStore that is accessible and easily maintained by their staff. BolderImage also developed the necessary custom functionality to integrate their existing member management system and their certification process into the website.

AMT used the following services from BolderImage:
Search Engine Optimization
Web Design
Flash Design
• Content Management System
• eStore
Survey Tool
Custom Programming
Web Hosting

BolderImage took a very methodical approach towards building the AMT website. First, after working with AMT to identify the target audience of the site, BolderImage developed a search engine strategy. This included performing keyword research and developing a process to enhance the search engine optimization for the website with the end goal of driving very targeted traffic to their website.

Next, BolderImage developed three unique and custom designs for the site, taking into consideration the brand and the target audience. BolderImage incorporated the final design into the Content Management System (CMS) and eStore Engine and enhanced it with flash components. The CMS and eStore are customized based on the status of the visitor. If the visitor is logged in as a member, additional content will be available as well as additional products. This allows AMT to tailor content to a specific target audience.

Through their STEP Online program, AMT needed a way to present journal articles and a way to allow visitors to score a short test based on the information presented in the article. BolderImage customized their survey engine to allow AMT to create their own tutorials and tests and tie the results into specific membership accounts.

AMT wanted members to be able to pay their member dues online. BolderImage customized the eStore to add a member dues payment section and integrated it into their existing member management system.

Finally, the website was launched using BolderImage’s Chicago Web Hosting.

Does your website adequately reflect your organization? Can people find your website? Contact BolderImage today to see how we can create a website that properly represents you and your organization.

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