Vantage Specialty Chemicals

Chicago, Illinois


Vantage Specialty Chemicals is a world-class fatty acid and specialty derivatives manufacturer which excels at providing high-quality products that improve their customers’ applications along with a high level of customer service. Vantage needed a website that accurately reflected their company brand, was organized well and was easy to maintain.



BolderImage developed a custom and unique web design whose objective is draw visitors into the site and engaging them in a warm and professional manner. When a visitor comes to your website, you have very little time to captivate their attention and encourage them to browse through the rest of the site. A distinct and customized web design does just that – it draws visitors into the site and encourages them to browse through each webpage.


The core of the website is a content management system that is powerful and yet easy to use. Staff from Vantage can easily add and maintain content on the site. Special functionality was developed for their news postings and job postings. A customizable document library was added to the site that allows Vantage to easily upload different types of documents to the library and make it easy for visitors to retrieve their documents. The document library is effortless for Vantage to share information with visitors to their website.


Is your website easy to maintain? Contact us today to see how we can develop a website for you that is both cost effective and easy to maintain.

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