Plitt Seafood

Chicago, Illinois


In 1916 the Plitt Company was founded in Chicago and since then has been bringing the Midwest the finest quality seafood available. Plitt needed a website that accurately portrayed the quality of product and service they have been providing for nearly a century. The website needed to be uncomplicated so visitors could come and learn all about Plitt. They also needed a website that was easy for staff to maintain and update.



Together BolderImage and Plitt determined the type of design and overall look for the website. BolderImage then developed multiple website concepts and, working with Plitt, finalized and implemented one of the concepts. The result . . .a very attractive website with a design that will be inviting to visitors and draw them in to browse through the rest of the site. BolderImage also developed a flash component of the site that really compliments the website, but doesn’t overpower it and hurt the search engine optimization.


Behind the whole site is a powerful content management system that is easy to use. Plitt staff can easily add content including pictures, YouTube videos, marketing reports and news without having to load any special software on their computer or learn a programming language.


Does your website effectively communicate your message? Is it easy to maintain? Contact us today to see how BolderImage can help you enhance your online presence.

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