Berner Food and Beverage

Roscoe, IL

Berner Foods is not your everyday food and beverage outfit.  Based outside of Rockford, IL, Berner is a specialty marketing company that helps its clients win over customers – through their stomachs.  Unwaveringly committed to creating the tastiest, most innovative, and even exotic edibles, Berner allows their customers to take all the credit through branded packaging.  On the Berner menu are zesty dips, refreshing beverages, creamy sauces, and savory cheese s.  Berner handles the entire journey of its products from formulation, processing, to supply chain management. 


In this unique scenario, BolderImage partnered with ColinKurtis Agency out of Rockford, IL to create the architecture and framework for a strong Wordpress website with a custom designed content management system built in.  This feature allows busy Berner team members to update content easily without any technical knowledge or help.  As such, Berner can concentrate on cooking up the next great pasta and sauce pairing, not trying to figure out code. 


From a design perspective, the new site’s extremely clean canvas offered the perfect contrast to the richly hued images expected as purveyors of fine foods.  Ease of navigation and saturated graphics draw the eye in and make the pages of this site extremely “sticky” and thus more likely to convert prospects.


Equally important to the overall strategy was the site’s responsive design to look amazing on any device – laptop, tablet, or smart phone.  BolderImage, working in tandem with ColinKurtis, created a digital face for Berner Foods that highlighted the company’s creativity, strength in R&D, and unique niche in the world of food and beverage production.  Together, these two creative forces melded fresh branding and solid design principles to help an award-winning company ensure further growth.

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