Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois

There aren’t many companies that know branding better than JSH&A.  Through their customized LIF™ approach to insightful marketing, JSH&A’s clientele have the upper hand in understanding their target market, its motivational triggers, and how to package the right message with the right medium.  You could say that JSH&A is a brand’s best friend, secret weapon, and architect of measurable marketing success.


With 20 years in the trenches serving some of the best known, best loved, and most iconic brands in history, JSH&A knew it was time to re-brand their online presence.  Despite a sterling list of venerable clients, this marketing/media/branding powerhouse had a tired website that just wasn’t going to convey the level of expertise and polish JSH&A brings to the table.  Already a trusted vendor of JSH&A that had created a custom content management system for them, Bolder Image set out to build their new site from scratch, so that their digital image matched their superlative service.


Being a branding force of nature, JSH&A required a site that delivered in artistic visual appeal and capable content organization.  On the home page, an eye-popping, 3D photo slideshow rich in color looks so real web visitors immediately get that “up close and personal” feeling of the brands themselves.  A neutral, clean backdrop and conservative yet balanced use of color highlight the BolderImage-designed JSH&A logo and easy to navigate left side navigation.  A showcase of high-profile clients margins the base of the site, while a polished video explaining the JSH&A comprehensive brand and marketing approach lends even more credibility to this firm’s impressive record of achievement.


While keeping JSH&A’s overall website design clean and unfettered, their need for well-organized yet rich content remained intact.  As prolific marketers, JSH&A realize the power of the written word, and even more so in its ability to sell their own expertise on their main digital platform.  Perhaps best illustrated within the site’s Clients and Case Studies pages, BolderImage created richly interactive experiences for potential clients to see and read how JSH&A’s on-point strategies have achieved measurable results, time after time.  The site’s staggering amount of detailed information never overwhelms or betrays the site’s fluid and modern design.  From JSH&A’s blog, to their pages on research, trends, news, and more, their content is easy to get to, presented cleanly, and without visual clutter or distractions.  Equally important, as a responsive design site, JSH&A’s online persona looks beautiful across all devices – desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.


Of course, statement web design and a robust content management system will accomplish little without the wizardry of expertly strategized SEO.  Through keyword analysis and SEO best practices application, BolderImage monitors and adjusts JSH&A’s search and rank strategies to meet their traffic and conversion goals.


Want to achieve similar results for your own business?  We want to help, but since telepathy isn’t exactly our forte, you’ll need to pick up the phone and call us at 630.279.4000.

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