Wheat Ridge Ministries

Itasca, Illinois

Fresh design highlights growing organization’s mission and great works

Wheat Ridge Ministries’ new website provides simple access to the organization’s many activities, events, and programs.


Services Include:

Web Design, Dynamic Home Page, Custom Programming, E-Commerce Integration, Content Management System, Blog Platform, Contact Form



Wheat Ridge Ministries’ activities had outgrown their website. The site had begun to show its age, and had some restrictions in how it could grow. Wheat Ridge recognized that the site needed to better reflect the expansion of their programs and services, and commissioned an update to the design.



Wheat Ridge’s design came first. With a home page design that uses compelling images to catch the visitor’s attention. Each image is overlaid with messages about the organization’s service focus. From there, the page was sectioned to highlight major areas of interest, including volunteer opportunities, grant programs, events and more. From there, each page is designed with ease of access in mind. Sidebar navigation on internal pages and a structured page hierarchy make it easy for users to drill down into more detailed information.


Technology & Tactics:

  • Website Design
  • Dynamic Home Page – jQuery
  • Content Management System – Wordpress
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • News/Blog Area
  • Custom Navigation
  • Contact Form
  • SEO Keyword Analysis


Wheat Ridge’s new website packs a big visual punch, and provides plenty of room for growth. The site is simple to edit and update through a web-based interface, and there are well-organized homes for all of the various kinds of content that Wheat Ridge wishes to share. The donations portal is fully integrated with a third-party payment processor and allows Wheat Ridge to solicit support for their ministry and manage it completely online.

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