Wolfe Behavioral Health, P.C.

New Lenox, IL

Wolfe Behavioral Health is a group of licensed clinical psychologists that are eager to serve their community. Their new website not only enhances their online presence, it also provides an opportunity for their audience to learn more about their team of psychologists.  

The most powerful way to engage a target audience and ensure clarity is to design and develop a site in such a way that it is a reflection of who the business is. Through a clean, welcoming design and strong copy expounding on each of  Wolfe’s psychologists, their credentials, and their specialities, an accurate representation of the business was able to take shape and increase the effectiveness of the website.  

The custom content management system allows Wolfe to update and add information as required to provide the latest details about their services and psychologists. By integrating an eCommerce solution into the content management system, Wolfe is also able to easily update their product offering and clearly display the products to visitors in their online store.

Technology & Tactics

  • Content Management System (CMS) - Custom
  • Website Design
  • Dynamic Navigation
  • eCommerce Integration
  • Dynamic jQuery Image Slider
  • Social Syndication
  • Custom Search

Coupling the eCommerce solution, the custom content management system and the inviting design, Wolfe’s new website is enhancing their brand, strengthening their online community, and providing a point of connection between Wolfe and their target audience.

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