Chicago Website Marketing

Everything you do on the web has a purpose. To inform. To educate. To create credibility. Most often, to attract customers. But effective website marketing includes more than just design. You can open the door to your customers by creating an attractive and functional site, but your customers can’t walk in if they can’t find the door in the first place.

Effective website marketing strategy goes beyond an engaging, memorable logo and an inviting, impactful color scheme and asks some critical questions about what you want your website to achieve. Only then can you start to create a website marketing plan that will support your business goals.

Once these goals are clear, we build your website marketing plan on three key concepts:

  • Optimize. The greatest free advertising that you can ever get is a high search engine ranking. Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we work to ensure that customers who are looking for your website will see it ahead of your competitors. Our SEO approach combines elegant back end coding with careful construction of the words on each page, which together make your site irresistible to search engines. This may sound high tech, but good SEO is based mostly on good research and old fashioned craftsmanship.
  • Advertise. To ensure you are getting the exact targeted traffic you want, BolderImage can manage all of your existing Pay Per Click (PPC) web advertising campaigns and create new ones to bring in new, ideal traffic to your website. Our PPC strategies can reduce costs and yield more targeted traffic -- meaning more results with less money. We’ll do the research, monitoring and reporting so that you can focus on making sales.
  • Analyze. Solid, results-based analysis is critical to a successful website marketing effort. We use a powerful analytics platform to answer key questions about your site’s performance. Who’s coming to the site? How are they finding you? What are they doing once they get there? Without this data, important strategic decisions about your site are based on speculation. Our Web Analytical Consulting service includes regular reporting of your web performance to support critical decision making.

Beyond these three pillars of website marketing success are more advanced strategies, including social media, web public relations, and creation of viral marketing tools like iPhone or other mobile application development, or creating a Flash animation or online game that attracts attention web-wide.

Which of these options will have the greatest impact for you is dependent on your individual goals. As your website marketing partner, we start first with the discovery process, learning more about who you are and what you define as success, so that we can create the comprehensive website marketing strategy that will ensure your web project gets the results that you want. Then we walk you through the entire process, from shaping the core message that you’ll use throughout your website marketing efforts to developing the long term strategy that will keep your website marketing generating leads and revenues for years to come. You can rely on our extensive experience to avoid common website marketing pitfalls, answer every concern or question, and ensure that your project proceeds just how you planned.

Is it time to see how strategic website marketing can take your business to the next level? Contact us for more information.