Have You Viewed Your Website on a Smartphone?

If not, perhaps it’s time you did.  Mobile search increased 500% last year and will continue to accelerate.  If users can’t locate key information on your website within seconds they will give up and move on, most likely to your competition.


Is Your Web Presence One-Dimensional?

As a sharp business owner, you already know the importance of having a cutting edge website that is search engine optimized and effective at marketing your brand.  However, if it’s not mobile-device friendly, your website visitors will not have the patience to zoom, expand, or otherwise fumble through a clumsy web experience to get information about your product or service.  Users want their mobile web experience to be fluid, easy to navigate, and seamless.



The Mobile Revolution Keeps Growing

Mobile websites are a condensed version of your traditional website that allows smart phone and tablet users to breeze through your site, find the information they need, and convert from prospects to interested customers faster.  In fact, most people are ditching their laptops for the iPad, which accounts for 96% of current tablet web traffic.  For tech-savvy people, making buying decisions is much easier on the go. According to a recent study by Forbes, 82% of Executives use Smartphones for business purposes and 59% would rather make a business related purchase over mobile web vs. the phone.  Furthermore, Comscore reports that click through rates on mobile devices are 42% higher than on computers.


Whether you are a consulting firm, entrepreneur, established business, or retail outfit, with that kind of profit power, why wouldn’t you offer your target market yet another way to find you, and even better, buy from you?

Why You Need a Mobile Website Now:

  • Mobile users need to find information quickly and without design obstacles
  • Mobile websites convert prospects to customers with greater success
  • Contact information and directions are at user’s fingertips
  • Smart phone and tablet usage will only continue to skyrocket
  • A traditional website isn’t enough anymore to compete effectively for market-share

We are Mobile Website Experts

At BolderImage, we not only create gorgeous and search engine optimized websites, we adapt it for you in an attractively designed mobile format that will be an instant hit among your customers.  With a mobile website, you can create mobile-friendly marketing campaigns, coupons, and even go further with your very own mobile app.  One thing is certain:  if you aren’t embracing the mobile revolution, your competition is.


Mobile Websites are a Business Imperative

A mobile website is an affordable necessity for any business that requires a marketing edge, which would be just about everybody.  BolderImage will help you make your mark on the mobile web, through amazing design and search expertise.  Grab your share of mobile web traffic now, and see your business reach interested buyers wherever they are.


Call us to find out how simple it is to get a mobile website or app now at 630.915.5619