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A Web Strategy for Electo-Motive Diesels

In November of 2006, Electro-Motive Diesels, Inc. contracted BolderImage to lead a Strategic Web Discovery Project which will result in an EMD Web Project Srategy to span the next several years. Implementing this plan will play a key role in securing the company's position in the global transportation market.

For more than half a century, Electro-Motive diesels have hauled freight and passengers, powered ships, and generated electricity for over 100 countries around the globe. Formerly a division of General Motors Corporation, EMD was acquired by Greenbriar Equity LLC and Berkshire Partners LLC, in 2005.

Today, EMD is the world's largest builder of diesel-electric locomotives for all commercial railroad applications. EMD is also a global provider of diesel power engines for marine propulsion, offshore and land based oil well drilling rigs, and stationary power generation.

The company's headquarters, engineering facilities and parts-manufacturing operations are located in LaGrange, Illinois, just west of Chicago. From this location, a web search for a Chicago web design and development partner was launched in early 2006. BolderImage was contacted and engaged over several months for preliminary meetings and project scoping, eventually leading to a contractual agreement.


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