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BolderImage announces the launch of intelli-Diet

Chicago, Illinois. BolderImage announces the launch of intelli-Diet™, a revolutionary new health and nutrition iPhone app that recommends what to eat based on your personal fitness goals and food preferences.



intelli-Diet is a powerful application that frees users from calorie-counting by learning their goals and food preferences to recommend breakfast, lunch and dinner options every day. With built-in daily fitness and health tips and a great database of food options, intelli-Diet makes smart food choices a breeze. The app even generates grocery lists, adapts for foods you have in stock, tracks your weight loss progress and allows for easy social media sharing.


BolderImage was the ideal partner to design and develop such a complicated, robust mobile development project. "A project like this requires the effective coordination of a range of specialties," shares Marc Cain, Director of Mobile Development for BolderImage. "This application uses cutting-edge techniques for leveraging iOS's Core Data functionality, new user interface features available in iOS 4, a great way for the intelli-Diet team to expand the food database through a simple XML file, and more. Add to it graphic design and project management and it truly takes a team approach to generate an efficient, effective app on this scale."


Scale was a primary consideration for this project. The intelli-Diet app uses a sophisticated pairing logic to match foods from the food database with the individual user's dietary needs. With an initial database of over 100 foods to choose from, the code powering menu generation had to be sleek and efficient. As the food database grows, the algorithm has to be able to deliver accurate results quickly for each user.


intelli-Diet also uses one of the newest features of iOS 4 to make the app an indispensable weight management tool -- local notifications. The local notifications feature allows the app to set an internal timer that goes off at predetermined times. This allows intelli-Diet to activate a reminder at mealtime so that the user can stay on track with their weight loss program.


Of course, the highly dynamic nature of a development project like this makes effective project management critical. "Our approach to project management, based on Agile project management methodology, makes it easy for us to react quickly to changes in strategy, concept or technology," says Dave Gruen, Senior Vice President, Consulting Division for BolderImage. "This process allows us to respond quickly, keeps us in constant communication with the client, and ultimately makes for a superior end product."


Developing intelli-Diet allowed BolderImage to partner its decades of experience in software development with its expertise in developing elegant, user-friendly mobile applications. The result? A clean, powerful application that has been featured in the New York Times, CNET, Macworld and more and has risen to a Top 10 app in its category, placing it in the top .1% of all iPhone applications released to date.


The right partner for a mobile application development project is critical to making your iPhone app concept into a successful reality. To learn more about how BolderImage can help you create a dynamic, professional iPhone application, contact us today.


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