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BolderImage Data Analysis Published in the Journal of Prolotherapy

The Journal of Prolotherapy (JOP) is a unique publication that targets both physicians and patients--providing readers with new and cutting-edge information on Prolotherapy.  It also provides a forum for physicians and patients alike to tell their stories.

When the JOP needed a dependable company to provide independent data analysis for their first issue, BolderImage was the one they called.  We were able to take the information gathered by an independent data collector from hundreds of patients with chronic knee pain and analyze the data showing comparisons of:  starting vs. ending pain; walking and athletic ability; the relationship between the length of pain and the quality of pain relief; and more.  The information we gathered was included in the article, “A Retrospective Study of Dextrose Prolotherapy for Unresolved Knee Pain”.  BolderImage also generated charts and graphs that represented the data analysis and prepared them for print in the Journal of Prolotherapy.

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