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BolderImage in partnership with Caring Medical launches new iPhone App


BolderImage is pleased to announce the launch of the new free diet iPhone App “Eat Like An Animal” in partnership with the nutritionists at Caring Medical & Rehabilitation Services in Oak Park, IL.

When most people think “diet” they automatically think “weight loss”. What most people don’t realize is that diet actually means “a food or drink regularly provided or consumed” or “habitual nourishment.” Funny how the concept of nourishment gets completely tossed to the side in our society – everyone wants a quick fix to their problems and it is often at the expense of overall health. But the question to you is:  What are you doing to habitually nourish your body? Do you know what you need to eat for sufficient nourishment?

Developed by the nutritionists at Caring Medical, the Hauser Diet is designed to do just that – scientifically figure out exactly what to regularly eat and drink so  you are constantly nourished. This free diet information iPhone app also contains some daily ideas of what to expect from eating noutritionally correct based on your diet type.



Free Health iPhone App

Click here to download the free app.

With over 1700 downloads of this application in the first week of launch, it’s obvious that iPhone applications are a very successful way of promoting your product.  Contact BolderImage today to see how we can create an iPhone application for your business.

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