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BolderImage is pleased to announce the launch of a cutting-edge custom product application for Labelmaster

Chicago, Illinois. BolderImage is pleased to announce the launch of a cutting-edge custom product application for Labelmaster. This new interactive tool allows site visitors to design and order completely custom labels and safety products instantly.


The new system allows users to easily produce their own custom orders and see instantaneous mock-ups of the finished product. Developed in .NET, this new functionality is completely integrated with Labelmaster's existing website. A new highlighted navigation option helps promote the new system to repeat site visitors.


Once inside, visitors have a choice of a variety of products, from standard labels to signs, seals, placards, forms and tags. Selecting a product opens a product-specific interface that collects all of the information necessary to complete a custom order. Users choose product size, style, color, materials and what text is to be included on the custom product. Every change is instantly updated on the virtual product proof, allowing the user to see immediately what the finished product will look like.


Logging in to the system allows the user to save designs for review or to easily place repeat orders in the future. A customer can build a complete library of custom compliance products that can be accessed via the web anytime.


With complete pricing information built in, completed product orders are passed directly to a shopping cart for payment and order processing.


The new custom product application will allow Labelmaster customers to easily customize their own product orders and will save time for Labelmaster staff by allowing these orders to be processed completely online. By making it simple to create and store new products, LabelMaster has allowed its customers to explore new uses for its product catalog and ensured repeat sales.


Web development can make life easier for your customers and your staff by streamlining business processes. To learn how a custom web application can help you make more sales, simply, contact BolderImage today.

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