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BolderImage launches medical iPhone application for health care users

Chicago, Illinois. BolderImage announces the launch of MedWaitTime -- an integrated medical iPhone application allowing mobile users to find the fastest medical care by accessing real-time information about waiting times in Emergency Rooms, urgent care centers and physician's offices.


MedWaitTime's web based service was up and running and serving its visitors, but the company recognized that many people may need to find quick access to medical services away from home. MedWaitTime sought to partner with a medical iPhone developer to make their web-based services accessible to mobile users.


BolderImage's first step was to define and outline the goals and purpose of the new iPhone app, outlining how the application would access the existing service and how that information would be presented to the application user. The BolderImage developer team designed an interface that made it easy for users to search for and connect with medical providers in their area. With MedWaitTime enthusiastically on board, BolderImage started the mobile application development process.

The team built a custom backend to integrate with the existing MedWaitTime website, ensuring that iPhone users got accurate, timely results from their search for medical providers. The finished app accesses the user's current geolocation from the iPhone to find medical providers within a user-selected radius -- from 5 to 50 miles, then pulls information from the MedWaitTime website to show a selection of medical providers nearby. This integration ensures that MedWaitTime doesn't have to manually update information in the application -- and creates a seamless experience for the user.
Next came the look and feel of the finished app, from designing the splash screen that welcomes users based on MedWaitTime's existing logo and design. The development team put in place all of the buttons, menus and defined how the results would display to ensure the app was easy and enjoyable to use.


Search results are separated into three categories so that users can select the type of information they need now, including wait times for a specific doctor, for nearby hospitals, and for doctors that are currently accepting walk-in patients. Through the simple, clean interface, users can get clear direction and guidance to select a nearby medical provider, all from their iPhone.


The application provides locations and estimated wait times for medical facilities meeting their criteria, so they can easily contact an appropriate doctor or hospital to get the medical care that they need. The new medical iPhone application has made a great service all the more valuable by allowing users to take advantage of it whether or not they're at their computer. To learn more about how BolderImage's team can extend your web site's reach, contact us today.

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