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BolderImage launches new iPod and iPhone repair website.

BolderImage is pleased to announce the launch of the new Encore iPod and iPhone Repair Website. Encore Repair Services has extensive experience in repairing every type and model of iPods and iPhones. With three locations in the United States and one in Canada, Encore can fix your iPod or fix your iPhone quickly without breaking the bank.

BolderImage developed a contemporary and familiar web design around Encore’s brand which ties the content management system and eStore together. Using the content management system, Encore is easily able to update their list of common iPod issues or common iPhone issues without -needing to have any prior web development experience. Content can be easily added or updated via their web browser through an interface that is similar to Microsoft Word.

The eStore engine was also highly customized to integrate the sales and customer information into Encore’s existing customer relationship management (CRM) software. When a visitor to the website purchases a repair, the purchase information that is processed on the website also generates a ticket and updates the information in the CRM. The website also generates an order number that allows Encore’s customers to return to Encore’s website at any time and check the status of their order or repair. BolderImage was effectively able to build a system that streamlined customer and order data entry and tracking, thereby allowing Encore to focus on device repair, rather than workflow.

Does your website effectively help you run your business? Contact BolderImage today to see how we can help you.

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