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BolderImage Launches New Lifecare Website


BolderImage is pleased to announce the launch of the new Lifecare website: Lifecare Innovations. With expertise in creative navigation of the health care, government and guardianship system, their mission is to provide those with disabilities and their families, disease or age related vulnerabilities, the advocacy, guidance and care that is needed, creating the right balance of assistance so that quality of life, dignity and independence are empowered. They are experts in the creative navigation of the health care, government, and guardianship system excelling in Lifecare Management, Guardianship, and Lifecare Plans.



Lifecare Website Design


BolderImage provided a unique web design that conveys the warmth and expertise of Lifecare Innovations. The newly created flash design compliments the site and highlights several of their services. Tying all the components of the website together is a very unique yet versatile content management system that is powerful, yet easy to use.


For more information, please visit Lifecare Innovations.

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