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Cannon Design Launches New Mobile App

Cannon Design prides itself as a “SFMO” organization – Single Firm, Multiple Offices – a company without walls.  A cutting edge architectural firm with 15 offices in North America and 2 abroad, Cannon Design has a cultural philosophy that mirrors its designs:  transparency, simplicity, functionality, and forward thought.  As part of that practice, the firm endeavors to embrace the latest tools and technology to help them reach more prospective clients, improve communication, and display seamless fluidity across all platforms.  With the explosion of smart phones and tablets in the last few years, the development of a custom mobile app was a smart choice to keep their teams and clients connected with the freshest ideas, important news, and project information.

BolderImage was tasked with designing an app for Cannon Design that reflected its sensibilities and highlighted its strengths in design, execution, and project management.  With this in mind, BI developers focused the app’s features on:

  • Ideas
  • Locations
  • News
  • Projects
  • Markets

Users of the app can have direct access to Cannon Design’s video library and latest innovations.  Content feeds right into the app and syncs automatically, so no one has to be “out of the loop” on important updates.  This is crucial for businesses with a national and global presence.

Working virtually is made possible with powerful tools like the Cannon Design mobile app.  This technology makes diverse talent accessible to all and truly defines this firm as a creative destination unhindered by limiting borders.

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