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eLearning with Truthought and BolderImage

BolderImage is pleased to announce the release of new, highly-interactive, online courses for Truthought. Truthought is dedicated to providing people with the skills, know-how and materials that are needed to be successful in leading others towards lives of positive and pro-social character.


BolderImage provided the following services for this project:

BolderImage built a completely customized, interactive, online training course system using an exciting theater motif to promote learning. Several technologies were incorporated including XML, AJAX, Flash, XHTML, SQL Server and ASP.


The supporting administrative interface allows Truthought complete control over the training system. This includes the ability to create and edit their own courseware, complete with videos and images. The advanced reporting tools show Truthought user performance and scores at a glance.


Their current ecommerce system was enhanced to facilitate a complete online process from purchasing a license key for a new user to emailing the participant a PDF certificate upon completion.


Visitors to the website can purchase one or more of the five online courses. Once the course is purchased, members have access to each of the four sessions in the course:

Truthought On-Line Courses
  • Thinking Barriers-View dozens of videos detailing 9 thinking habits that lead to problems in living and gain insight into how to reverse the problems. Increase your understanding with multi-choice questions that aid retention.
  • The Language of Irresponsibility-The context of everyday conversation changes when words are used to deceive. Discover the hidden meaning behind common phrases and beliefs.
  • Tactics-Decrease your vulnerability with an inside look at 19 videos of common ways people use to manipulate and deceive.
  • The Finale-A big picture is essential for direction and rebuilding harmony in life. Pull it all together and test your new skills through combined identification of Thinking Barriers, Tactics and The Way of Life revealed in a dozen video clips.

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