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Getting SPAM through your web forms?

If you have any web forms that allow visitors to submit information, then chances are you've seen some recent submissions containing random information and characters, or links to offensive or questionable websites. These submissions are usually the work of SPAMBOTS - automated scripts or programs that follow the links on websites and harvest email addresses or post their unwanted information to any web forms they find. The people behind these SPAMBOTS do this in order to either trick the unwary to visit harmful sites or to drive up search engine rankings with links from other sites.  Blogs and discussion forums are particularly attractive and often targeted by SPAMBOTS.

Are these submissions harmful? Not really, unless you follow the links contained in them. Are they annoying? You bet!
SPAMBOTS vary greatly in their capabilities. Some can be defeated relatively easily by requiring multiple submission steps or through question/recognition (CAPTCHA) tests.  Others are extremely sophisticated and have OCR (Optical Character Recognition) abilities that can defeat many preventative measures. The sad news is that no currently-available SPAMBOT solution is 100% effective. However, having some preventative measures in place will help decrease the number of SPAMBOT submissions.

BolderImage is well aware of these growing issues, especially as it relates to our customer websites. We have implemented several different preventative measures for a number of our customers. We are working on additional measures to help protect against these SPAMBOTS, even though they will not be 100% effective.

If you would like more information on what can be done for your website, and the related costs, contact us. (NOTE: one of our new preventative measures is now featured on the Contact Us Page.)

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