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iPhone app allows easy scoring and handicapping of pool matches

Chicago, Illinois. BolderImage is pleased to announce the launch of iScore 8 Ball, a new iPhone application available in both free and premium editions for simple scoring of 8-ball games for fun or league play.


Players of all skill levels enjoy the iScore 8 Ball iPhone app's simple intuitive interface. The app allows players to handicap matches, track statistics, and manage time outs and shot clocks just like pro play. iScore 8 Ball speeds up game play by handling score calculations and allows each player to keep their own score simply. 


The lite version of the application allows for straightforward score tracking, while the full version has more complex functions and statistics. What are users saying?


"Great app. Can't believe it counts innings! Love the shot clock. Now everybody keeps their own score, and I'm free to move around and actually enjoy the night out."

"Great way to keep score for leagues. Also allows you to keep track of how you have been shooting recently."


Would an iPhone app help you enjoy your hobby more, or connect with others with similar interests? Contact BolderImage today to learn how an iPhone app can take your entertainment to the next level.

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