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New and Improved Music Website is Launched


Chicago Web Design - Tarnius Music, Inc.

Independent Music provider,, is a great source for music lovers who aren't looking for cookie-cutter "radio-friendly" options. With a collection ranging from Brazilian to funk to chant to power metal, Tarnius has something for everyone's taste. It's also a great source for independent musicians to sell their music online - an album or song at a time.

When Tarnius Music came to BolderImage, their existing website was lacking key functionality. Now with a BolderImage content management system Tarnius Music can easily add or update content themselves with any web browser.

BolderImage also built a powerful "Ad Module" that allows advertisers to quickly create an account and begin running ads and even choose where ads are placed. Ads can run across the whole site, or on specific music genres to target specific audiences.

Whether you love independent music or are looking to promote your website through advertising, head on over to

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