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Padalog iPad App launched at PPAI Expo in Las Vegas to Great Reception.

Chicago, Illinois. The Promotional Products Association International Expo, held January 10-14, 2011 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV, was the launch point for a new dynamic tool for sharing products, inventory, documents and more on-the-go -- the Padalog iPad application.


Padalog is a full suite of tools for storing, categorizing and showcasing products and documents within an iPad-based catalog. Highly portable and easily updated, Padalog allows sales pros in the field to carry a custom, interactive catalog with them wherever they go, including up-to-the-minute information on pricing and product details. Event attendees were able to see Padalog in action, simply and quickly browsing interactive product listings with their fingertips. Padalog represents a leap forward in using new mobile technology for sales and marketing applications, and is designed to save costs on print catalogs while equipping sales teams with dynamic, attractive and current digital catalogs on-the-go. 


To bring the Padalog concept into reality, BolderImage partnered with Padalog's creators to complete development of a custom website with e-commerce capabilities, the iPad user interface, as well as a complex database for storing and managing the graphics and other information within the Padalog application. 


User Interface

The iPad is at its most effective when applications make the most of its graphics capabilities and intuitive interface. To ensure that Padalog provides a world-class user experience, BolderImage designed a screen layout that balances easy-to-read text with high-impact imagery. This makes Padalog an ideal sales tool as the user enjoys an experience similar to a print catalog, with the ability to search for specific items, see larger graphics, and get full product information at a screen touch.


Application Database

Padalog's speed and ability to manage large lists of items is possible because of the elegant database structure behind the app's user interface. BolderImage's team of mobile application developers harnessed best practices in database development to ensure speedy performance for Padalogs of all sizes. 

Padalog Community

The Padalog app manages a user's own Padalog library, as well as providing access to download public Padalogs created by other Padalog users. A business user can create and maintain a Padalog for their products, and download a Padalog containing information on classic cars, software tutorials, or any other topic that interests them that the Padalog community has created. 



BolderImage also designed and developed Padalog's website. The website is much more than a promotional tool -- once a user signs up, the website is where they can begin to create their Padalogs, including uploading images, defining database fields and choosing settings to include a shopping cart and/or make the Padalog public. 



Interested in learning more?

Mobile applications are increasingly popular for a wide variety of business applications, from marketing to streamlining business processes. BolderImage's experience in developing custom, integrated mobile applications, mobile websites and more makes us the ideal partner for your mobile development project. To learn more about how mobile can make your business better, contact us today.


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