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Chicago Web Design - Bell Racing Company

BolderImage, in partnership with Torque, launched a new Bell Racing Company website on April 3, 2006. Bell Racing is a recognized world leader in racing safety equipment design, development and manufacturing since 1954. The project began in fourth quarter 2005, and is the result of a team effort. THE TEAM Torque is a web-centric brand-marketing firm, focused on the Internet as the most powerful marketing channel available. Torque engaged with Bell to organize a new branding and marketing plan using the Internet and other media that best supports the development of customer relationships and desired goals of Bell Racing.


BolderImage acted as the implementation arm of the team, taking the branding and design direction established by Torque for Bell, and turning it into a real working website complete with:

  • Online catalog of Ultra, Pro and Racer racing helmets, racing accessories, gear bags, race and crew wear, and other sportswear and racing items
  • BolderImage Backstage content management system that allows customer control of all products and product categories, dealers, FAQ's, and press releases
  • Search Engine Friendly website coding and graphics.
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