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Shared Hope International launches new website


Chicago Web Design - Shared Hope International

BolderImage is pleased to announce our partnership in the launch of the new Shared Hope International website.  BolderImage provides programming and hosting services for this worthy organization. Shared Hope establishes locally led efforts that serve the long-term restoration of a woman and child in crisis. International partners are strategically and sacrificially leading by building programs of intervention, restoration and prevention.


Restoration programs are developed and operated by local partners to address the immediate and long-term needs of a victim of trauma including residential facilities, medial and mental health care, education and job training. Each Home of Hope is a community caring for the individual woman and child so that their life can be restored to a place of self-sufficiency and reintegration. Homes of Hope are currently being operated in the Dominican Republic, Fiji, Jamaica, India, Nepal and South Africa.


Intervention programs assist a woman and child out of situations such as sexual slavery, street gangs and other conditions of modern day slavery. These programs are most often integrated into the work of local restoration centers in order to serve each individual as they exit a place of victimization.


Prevention programs document the places of victimization around the world in order to enhance national and international awareness about the conditions of modern day slavery and build the international alliances to combat human trafficking. The War Against Trafficking Alliance, founded by Shared Hope International, facilitates International Summits to strengthen the movement of anti-trafficking in each region of the world. The International Summits have taken place in Dominican Republic, India, Indonesia, Moldova, Singapore and South Africa.


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