What’s a Web Content Management System?  Simply put, a Web Content Management System (CMS) is software that enables you to make a range of changes to your website at your discretion, without any technical or programming know-how.

Content Management SystemsPerhaps you can see why web content management is so essential to your success. As the years go by, you don’t want to have to call us every time you’d like to add or edit content on the website, or change a few things here and there. Of course, we’re always available and delighted to help! Still, you need the ability to handle routine functions with agility and ease. The realities of business demand it be so. That’s what a Web Content Management System does. It puts you back in the driver’s seat.

However, all Web Content Management systems are not created equal. Many are constrained by limited functionality and a complicated user interface - a recipe for frustration. At BolderImage, however, we believe simplicity is the key; simplicity, that is, without sacrificing speed, flexibility, and control.

Our Content Management Systems are designed to empower your team quickly and easily. If you know Microsoft Word, for example, you can learn how to use our web browser interface to create professional web pages in minutes, without knowing ASP, .NET, HTML or Java.

BolderImage has several powerful and affordable Web Content Management Systems that provide your organization with the following additional helpful benefits:

  • Add or update products and pricing changes at any time
  • Easily reorganize your menu structures to allow web visitors to quickly find your content
  • Advanced cut and paste functionality from Microsoft Word that produces clean HTML documents
  • Dynamic page structure that allows your team to add any number of pages and categories
  • Ensure the security of your web content management with multiple levels of user access. Each user of the system can be assigned certain areas of responsibility, giving you control over who can edit specific content within your site.
  • Easily upload whitepapers, spec sheets, or other product literature that you can link to the site’s content
  • Ability to upload images directly in the page editor
  • Resize images directly in our page editor with a few clicks, using a high-quality resizing algorithm similar to professional image editing software. This produces superior results compared to standard HTML resizing.
  • Integrated spell-check
  • Proprietary support for multiple languages without the need to retain multiple copies of the same web pages
  • Easily add videos, maps, or other Google features to your website

We’ve also included a few examples of some BolderImage customers who have adopted our Web Content Management Systems. Let’s discuss how a web CMS can likewise streamline your operation today!

Web Content Management SystemTrainor Glass Company
Trainor Glass is a leading subcontractor in the Glazing industry since 1953.  BolderImage developed this CMS to be easy to use and search engine optimized.  (Read More)

Schmidt, Salzman & Moran, Ltd.
The lawfirm of Schmidt, Salzman & Moran, Ltd. provides their many clients, both national and local, with experienced and professional representation in the area of real estate taxation.  (Read More)

Outreach Community Ministries
Outreach Community Ministries(OCM) has provided over 30 years of continuous service to the people of greater Wheaton and central DuPage County.  (Read More)

If you are interested in harnessing the power of a BolderImage Web Content Management System, please contact us.