Google Integration

Google LogoWhen building your website, considering Google functionality in your site can be a real advantage over the competition. In addition to performing search engine optimization for Google, BolderImage can integrate any and all of the Google functionality below.


Google Analytics

As part of our web marketing strategy, BolderImage can help integrate Google Analytics into your website. This powerful tool contains invaluable data about who visits your site, what they spend their time on, and most importantly, where you are losing them. You can also see what organic keyword searches brought visitors to your site. Reviewing traffic patterns on your website can lead to key web strategy decisions

Google Adwords

As part of our web marketing strategy, BolderImage can manage your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. The wrong strategy on an Adwords campaign can lead to you spending a lot of money on clicks, with few results. Let BolderImage help develop a strategic PPC plan for you.

Google AdSense

Do you have a lot of rich content on your site? Google AdSense is a great way for content publishers of any size to display relevant ads on their website to generate revenue. BolderImage can place these ads on the site and blend them into the design so the ads are noticed but don’t overpower the beauty of the site. Click here for an example.

Google Sitemap

BolderImage can add an XML Google Sitemap as part of your content management system. Google Sitemap complements Google’s crawling bots, making sure that hard-to-reach pages are indexed by their search engine. In addition, you can see how often and when Google crawls your site.

Google Video

Integrated video is one of the fastest growing features on the internet. Adding video to your website is a much more interactive way to get your message across to your audience than a long and dry block of text. Your Google videos can be shared with the rest of the video community or they can be hidden from the Google video search so that they are only visible on your site.

see the example

Do you have a lot of video content? BolderImage can create a video library for you that is manageable and searchable. Click here for an example.

Google Map Integration

Do your potential customers need to know where to find you? Do you want to integrate a database of campgrounds, pet friendly locations or any other type of facility? BolderImage can easily integrate a Google Map which is feature rich and easy to navigate.

See a map

Contact us today to see how BolderImage can take advantage of these tools on your website today.