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At BolderImage, we specialize in creating web solutions that attract customers, inform the public, improve operations, raise revenues and eliminate maintenance headaches. We can integrate your existing web site with new mobile web applications, or create a new online site or e-store to support your mobile web platform. Your company's unique, strategic solution will be custom built to reflect your particular needs and support your specific marketing plan.


If you haven't yet explored what mobile web development can do for your company, now is the time. Contact us today to learn more about how a mobile application can support your business success.


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BMA Chicago

The BMA Chicago iPhone app provides a simple platform for B2B marketers to participate in all that this thriving trade organization has to offer. With easy access to events, membership information, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and a library of recent industry articles and presentations, the app provides a mobile-friendly central spot for keeping up with the latest in the business marketing world.

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Hitachi Data Systems Academy

Hitachi's new iPhone app makes it simple for HDS Academy customers to find and register for upcoming courses around the world. Fully integrated with the HDS Academy website, the app allows users to browse courses, upcoming offerings and locations. Through a custom favorites list, Academy clients can plan this year's training schedule easily.

mobile application, Hitachi mobile application, Hitachi mobile application, Hitachi mobile application, Hitachi
Chosen Models/Factor Models

New twin iPhone apps for Chosen Models and Factor Models offer aspiring models the chance to be discovered in seconds. Users can get info on Chosen and Factor, view featured model portfolios, see schedules of upcoming events for aspiring talent, and even submit a photo and contact info directly through the app. These apps are the first to allow models to be discovered directly through a mobile device.

mobile application, Chosen Modelsmobile application, Chosen Modelsmobile application, Chosen Modelsmobile application, Chosen Models
The Hauser Diet

Carry a full diet guide in your pocket! The Hauser Diet compiles an entire database of in-depth nutritional information into a resource that users can reference on-the-go. The app helps users stay in touch with information suited to their diet type -- providing articles specific to their diet needs. Users receive only the most pertinent information, anywhere!

mobile application, Eat Like an Animal mobile application, Eat Like an Animal mobile application, Eat Like an Animal
ECP, Inc.

ECP uses their app to equip their distributors with informational videos that they can share via iPhone or iPad while meeting with prospective clients. Sorted by product and eminently expandable, ECP has built a platform for educating distributors and customers alike. The app integrates with Vimeo for a smooth, professional video experience.

mobile application, BMA mobile application, BMA mobile application, BMA
Fairy Tales

Mobile development isn't just for the big boys. Fairy Tales, Inc., a specialty retailer focusing on collectibles, knew their customers wanted convenient ways to learn more about upcoming product releases and to be the first to get highly anticipated new pieces. Their iPhone app shares information about the store, the collectibles, and allows customers to purchase directly through the application.

mobile application, Fairy Tales mobile application, Fairy Tales mobile application, Fairy Tales mobile application, Fairy Tales

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Mobile is the future of business:

Not sure how mobile web development can benefit your organization? Check out what some of our clients have done with mobile web technology:

  • Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. developed an iPhone app as a portal to their extensive database of product certification information and code compliance tools, for easy access in the field.
  • A medical rehabilitation clinic provided instant access to their proprietary diet program, allowing clients to bring the guide with them when shopping or dining for maximum results.

Your employees and customers are no longer relying on web sites for their information needs. Leading organizations know how critical it is to get in front of the millions of mobile web users. They're developing business solutions that can:

  • Showcase their products and services in new, interactive ways,
  • Generate buzz about the company, allowing users to share with others virally,
  • Enhance productivity for their workforce by supporting truly mobile workers,
  • Equip outside sales representatives with engaging ways to introduce potential clients to the company,
  • Reward loyalty through points for visits and other interactions with the company,
  • Provide on-the-spot coupons and promotions to increase traffic in person and online,
  • Support employee education and training goals through e-learning applications,
  • Allow consumers to purchase at their convenience, whenever and wherever they're ready.

How can we make your mobile web development goals a reality?

Whether you have a clear idea of how mobile web development can enhance your business or you're just starting to explore the competitive edge that mobile application development can provide, our expert team can help you identify new marketing opportunities, develop a concept, and integrate it with your current website marketing efforts, online and offline.


With over twenty years of experience in software development and web and mobile solutions in the marketplace for companies of all sizes, we have the breadth and depth of experience to manage any mobile web development project. You'll stay involved, but we'll handle the details so that it's as simple and seamless as possible for you. Our mutual goal is a turnkey product that supports your business goals.


It all starts with a no-risk conversation and ends with big gains in customer engagement and the bottom line. Contact us now to learn more.


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