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Considering starting a business based on a mobile app? If you have an idea for a mobile application, our mobile development team can help you make that idea a reality. Our mobile development process is simple, and completely secure. Enter our Idea Incubator, where experts in mobile development walk you through creating, distributing and promoting your app, all while ensuring that your big idea remains 100% yours. You bring the idea, we provide the implementation.


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A category Top 10 app featured in the New York Times and Macworld, intelli-Diet frees users from calorie counting by generating a customized meal plan, grocery list, and even reminders at snacktime—all specific to their individual build and weight loss goals. This app’s smart use of cutting edge technology allows for easy access to daily health tips, weight loss tracking, and social media sharing.

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Chat the Game

Leveraging geolocation and social networking, Chat the Game provides a mobile forum to connect with others attending live sporting events. Talk with other spectators at the game -- ask questions, cheer, smack talk, make plans for after the game and more! Chat the Game allows users in a specific sports arena to access a private chat room to support their team.

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A convenient alternative to much more expensive GPS add-ons, this application shares the best times to hunt and fish in a given location. Users are welcomed with a beautiful wilderness-inspired splash screen before entering their current location or preferred ZIP code to access recommended hunting/fishing times based on the lunar calendar.

mobile application mobile application

Medical goes mobile in this handy app. MedWaitTime allows users to get real-time information on estimated wait times at local medical facilities, as well as connect with doctors providing walk-in care. The app features a simple, intuitive search function that integrates with the MedWaitTime website for up to the minute information.

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Want to connect with friends while you're out and about? Toodalu allows you to broadcast your location live so that friends can catch up with you wherever you are. Toodalu leverages the user's GPS location to place them on a dynamic map, along with their Toodalu contacts. The app also integrates with the Toodalu website.

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Cannon Design

This app shares the ideas, people, and projects embodying the Single-Firm, Multi-Office (SFMO®) culture that is a trademark of Cannon Design, an Ideas Based Practice ranked among the leading international firms in planning and design. A direct feed to the firm’s innovations, a video library of Cannon Design in-house seminars and a project portfolio, demonstrate the unparalleled talent and expertise across their 15 offices – throughout North America and abroad.

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Obstacles XRT

For the busy mobile user on the go, the gym isn’t always an appealing or time efficient option. Studies confirm that people are more likely to continue with an exercise program that they find enjoyable. Obstacles XRT's progressively challenging obstacle courses gives users exciting new obstacles to take on each day. Designed in coordination with expert fitness trainers, Obstacles XRT makes exercise fly by with highly engaging obstacle courses that include trekking over tires, escaping from quicksand, and sliding under fences.Available in the App Store

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Super Diet Genius

Super Diet Genius creates a personalized weight loss diet infused with Superfoods. Your diet is customized based on your weight, height, gender, age, activity level, rate of weight loss, and even your food preferences! Using a proprietary database of Superfoods, Super Diet Genius provides a weight loss diet consisting of foods with the highest blends of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, and fiber.

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Our mobile development process:

We've developed the depth of experience and expert knowledge to make your mobile development project easy and successful. We stay on top of the tools and trends in mobile development, delivering powerful applications to clients of all sizes, from start-up entrepreneurs to big business marketing and operations organizations. Our clients benefit from not only the latest technology and cutting-edge design, but also our 20 year history of developing high-quality software for clients nationwide.

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  • Discovery: In this first phase, we brainstorm together to generate great ideas to support your concept, then decide how to achieve your goals through specific functionality and the end-user experience. We look beyond just design to figure out how you'll make money from your application, and what support you'll need for success in the long term. Ask our experts all your questions, then we'll get started creating your vision according to the established plan.
  • Design: Our creative team dives into the look and feel of the application, designing a user interface that is both intuitive and visually stunning. From logo to logical flow, we map out what the final product will deliver. When you're happy with the plan, we move on to the next phase.
  • Programming: Our mobile development team begins the actual building of your application. While we put in place the technology that will make your application run, we keep you posted on progress and ensure you're completely satisfied with the process and the results.
  • Testing: Next we give you and any other selected users the opportunity to beta test the application. Our mobile development team collects the results, analyzes them, and makes any final changes necessary to get your application ready for launch.
  • Submission: We handle the submission process for you, managing all the details necessary to get your application in front of millions of smartphone users. You don't need to be an expert on the submission process -- we'll handle it for you, while keeping you in the loop the entire time.
  • Promotion: As experts in web site development and web marketing, we can provide your application the platform it needs to get seen and get attention. You won't have to coordinate multiple firms, and you won't have to go it alone. From a promotional web site to search engine optimization, we can provide everything you need to make your app an Internet phenomenon.

How to get started with mobile development:

You can start your project now by connecting with us through our simple contact form. Talk to a member of our team about how our mobile development process works, and how it can take your idea into the marketplace. We can help you develop a solution that meets your budget and timeline. Take a few seconds to contact us now.


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